Monday, August 28, 2006

another techno step

After a foray yesterday to a Bic Camera store (like a FutureShop but 20x more stuff) we're now hooked up to internet telephony and I feel so hip. Well not really but at least we can talk for free or cheap to our techiest contacts!

As to talking/video conferencing for free, a lot of our friends have different tool preferences (NetMeeting, AIM, MSN Live Messenger, Skype) so we've yet to resolve that issue. But this morning on the not-free-but-pretty-darn-cheap end I made some Skype-out calls to Canada, using the computer headset/micro and phoning someone on their phone, and I'm impressed. It works pretty decently and is much cheaper than our long distance plan, da fo' sho.

So anyone have an opinion on any of the above tools? Anyone want to exchange IDs for future chats? Drop us a line.


Hi Carol and Alain,
I just got back from a week vacation and saw all of your pictures, my god, they are wonderful.
Unfortunately, from work I can't use any of these chat things, and at home I do not go on the computer. I am going to call you in the near future to hear your voices from the distance.
Thanks for these wonderful descriptions.

Hey that's really cool Carol! I talked to Morganne today and she loved getting to talk to you.

I have to admit that I'm really a good techie (ya, not so much donkeey...) but I try a use the yahoo thingie... I'm at I just put the messenger thingie on the computer... along with the MSN messenger thingie... (that one is, but I haven't figured out the voice to voice part of them yet. So, I look forward to you educating us... lol

Love your blog... Austin is up on mine ... (August 23). My blog is:
Hope it works... i've no blessed idea what I'm doing a lot of the time (I'd like to blame it all on chemo brain, but age is also playing its little tricks too..) Anyway... love your blog
(Morganne's friend in the West End)
Damn! Another conferencing software added to the choice list. Opinions on NetMeeting anyone? If you've got it, e-mail us your IP addresses and we'll test it out.
Hey Lynne! I can't comment on your blog cuz I'm not a 360 thingamee and I don't find your e-mail address so log in to MSN someday soon, okay, I wrote ya there.
Hi, did you get my e-mail?

If you like skype, this product might be useful:

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