Sunday, August 20, 2006

antique heaven

Roppongi Hills at night
So last night we visited the future (see photo of Roppongi Hills) and this morning the past via a little outdoor antique market.

And now I've just washed my pretty new miso soup bowls (they've got special lids to keep the soup hot). I only wish I had some tape so we could temporarily hang the antique soap advertisement posters we also bought (gotta find a framing shop). I should shoot and post pix of these posters because they're really beautiful.

Anyway, we saw some stunningly beautiful and very very old porcelain, and tons of old kimono/yukata. I had heard that kimono were really really really expensive but I guess that's only when you buy them brand new. The Japanese don't seem to be big fans of used clothing. Especially designer/trend obsessed Tokyoites. Oh, except some younger people don't seem to mind the retro thang. Last weekend we found this huge second-hand clothing store in Shinjuku that was packed with really funky, cheap stuff in awesome condition. I've got to go back there soon without Alain (he's really no fun to shop with.) It will be hard if not impossible for Tokyo to convert me from tomboy-ish Thrift Queen (right Buzz?) to a kitten-heeled, lace-fringed, designer bag-toting kawaii (cute) femme.

Anyway, now I'm off to the gym. I think I'm addicted to the elliptical thingy which is good cuz I certainly haven't been getting any cardio lately since all the walking we do is at half pace in this heat.


Hey there,

Love your blog and pics, thanks a lot, I am so envious of you....:-)
Please, keep doing it.
My husband sends you all the best and loves the pics.

Hola :-) Your blog re-design is looking quite good, and it's always interesting to hear the latest news. You've probably seen more of Tokyo than some of the locals! Meanwhilr, your post made me long for some unagi. Maybe I'll head out for sushi in the market this week...It sounds like the office does a good job of integrating newcomers, so I'm sure you'll have a busy social calendar in no time flat. Happy Monday from O-ville. Meesh.
It all sounds wonderful! Can't wait to visit! (ha!)

luv ya,
Konichiwa, Thrift Queen! Sorry I hadn't gotten back to you earlier, just got in last night from Nassau (it's no Tokyo, but at least it has the same amount of syllables and ends in an "o" sound, so there!). I've been reading your blog this morning, and I am soooo happy for you. And wow, your pictures are amazing! Please keep in touch, ok? Oh, and is it true that the japanese fart to express their satisfaction after a meal? Hehehehe... Or was that burp? Or myth?
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