Saturday, August 19, 2006

lazy heat

It's getting near time to go out and get some groceries. Just spent a couple of hours studying after going out for a (huge) lunch cuz we had no food in the fridge and it was too hot to walk to the grocery store, the best one being a good 15-20 minute trek. It must've hit 35 (again, not including humidity factor) this aft.

Anyhow, lunch was nothing fancy but very filling. They sure like their carbs here (don't know how come everyone is so skinny!). We went to one of many little places in the shopping area of our metro station, which is a 4 minute walk from our place. My menu or teishoku (a tray with several different dishes on it) included a small miso soup, a bowl of rice with unagi (grilled sweet eel), a big dish of cold soba noodles (buckwheat) and the requisite pickles, wasabi and sauce. Yummy and only 10 bucks!

Tonight we might go to Roppongi Hills (about a 25 min. walk) to check out some more Obon festivities and eat more street food. Last night in Azabu Juban we pigged out right good on three different dishes but there was soooo much choice we kept regretting ours! My fav was grilled squid on a stick! Alain had some kind of delicious looking crepe for desert but I was stuffed so I only only grabbed some ice cream at our nearby convenience store later when we came home. I made the unfortunate mistake of choosing green tea which apparently has lots of caffeine in it -- I couldn't fall asleep until 3:00 a.m.

But I put my sleeplessness to good use, tidying up downstairs (the messy den mostly) and writing cheat sheet reminders of people's names while they were still fresh. See Alain drags me to the weekly embassy happy hour every Friday after work and since these aren't people I see everyday, their names can fade away, which isn't polite, is it!? Anyway, I've actually been quite surprised to meet some really down-to-earth and interesting people, including Alain's new boss, who seems like he'll be easy to work with. He's brilliant and discreet yet we've heard he has a killer sense of humour. So we'll see but not at all a bad bunch it seems.


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