Wednesday, August 09, 2006

mr. ambassador

I just came from meeting the ambassador. Not that we're special or anything, it's standard procedure for him to sit down for 15 minutes with each newly arrived employee & their spouse. Anyway, he seems like a pretty down to earth gent. He loves Japan and has come back to work here many times for a total of 16 years in all.

Aside from that, I don't know where to start today. Maybe with a note about the photos. I guess I forgot to mention in previous posts that I can't upload any photos until our computer arrives and we get hooked up to the internet at home (there's no disk drive on these library computers). So unfortunately it will be a couple of weeks or maybe Alain can upload a few for me from work once we get our computer. But he'll be pretty busy next week as his boss is arriving on Tuesday (he's a newbie too).

Anyway, it's raining again today because there's a typhoon around somewhere. It's supposed to miss Tokyo I think. I should check on the web. We get two English TV stations (CNN and BBC) but nothing local so it's hard to get news. I got woken up this morning by a bilingual public address anouncement warning about flooding in low-lying areas & basements. There're speakers on poles everywhere, I guess because of earthquakes. Speaking of earthquakes, we got our "earthquake kit" yesterday and I stashed it in the entry-way closet. It includes a first aid kit, a stove and some fuel cannisters, a couple of construction hard-hats, a couple of back packs filled with stuff (I didn't look but I assume it's blankets, and such), and a big huge water cannister which I filled in the bathtub and had to leave it sitting there cuz it weighs a ton. Hopefully Alain & I can heave it down the stairs together (the master bath is upstairs between the bedrooms). Anyway, don't freak out anyone. The buildings here are built to withstand earthquakes. It's just in case.

Okay so that's it, I gotta run. We're going out for lunch, which will be only our second restaurant meal since arriving. God, we really have to live a little!


Je ne sais pas si c'est la bonne façon de procéder, mais j'ai cliqué sur "0 comments" après l'heure indiquée (11:44AM) et ça m'a menée ici.
Nous avions bien hâte d'avoir de vos nouvelles. Nous avons pensé à vous chaque jour, nous imaginant votre étonnement devant tout ce qui s'offrait à vos yeux.
Quand j'aurai une confirmation de votre part que c'est comme ça qu'on procède pour communiquer avec vous, je vous enverrai des messages plus substantiels.

Raymonde et Jean
Cool! I'm enjoying this!

Love to you,
Hey the Carolster,
your posts are so interesting, keep them coming!

Say hi to Aran :)
MISS YOU TONS! *waves*
Helene & John

Konnichi-wa :-)
I'm SO GLAD you decided to do the blog thing, and right from the very start! It's a great idea, so keep those posts coming. Greetings from O-town, where it cooled off right after you left, and there's even some light rain as I write these words. It seems you were simply too hot for this city! Or maybe it was just all a lot of hot air?...Stay well, have fun, and hasta la proxima. M.
Alain, good luck with your new job!...Edie
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