Tuesday, August 22, 2006

romaji error

I logged on mostly to correct the spelling of my Japanese name (in romaji, or roman alphabet), which appears all over my blog and profile. At the end of my first Japanese class earlier this aft, I asked my teacher if it was correct and as I suspected, it was wrong! I must've misunderstood Aran when he gave it to me orginally. Of course I know my family name, Sumisu, is correct because it's all over my text book as an example (of the dumb gaijin/foreigner).

So I'm not real impressed with the teacher that gives the free class at the embassy. She seems to prefer chatting to teaching. But it's a good start anyway. Before I sign up for an (expensive) intensive, I need to retrain my brain to language study mode and work on my discipline! I was telling Aran yesterday that I think I have A.D.D. or something. Every time I sit down to study, I end up looking something up in the dictionary or at the back of the text and getting side-tracked by something that's not part of my lesson. Or worse, I get snacky and decide to go to the kitchen or decide to study "later" and go out now.

Aside from that, not much is new. Yesterday I adopted a bunch of plants that were left in the community coordinator's back yard by people who've moved on. I put most of them (the biggest ones) outside in front of our front door where there's a big landing with plenty of space because I'm afraid of bringing too many insects into the house. I've already seen one too many jumping spiders (I don't mind spiders so much, I just don't love it when they jump). I'd put them on our patio but we never go out there. Maybe we'll go out more in the fall. Anyway, I'll take a photo of our front jungle.

Oh and it's cooled off a bit, or I should say it's not quite as hot. It's 31 right now, 35 C with humidity factored in (I found a website that factors it!). So that's an improvement from 40. Which is why I think I'm going to go out for a walk now.


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