Friday, August 18, 2006

tech issues

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How handy Flickr is! I'm posting this via Flickr because I can't get onto Blogger. We just got hooked up at home yesterday so I don't know if Blogger's down or my IP sucks or what. Anyway, enough of that, I'm sure no one cares about my tech issues!

So I have a lot of catching up to do because of the library closure. Someone pointed out that I neglected to explain why the library was closed. This week was the Obon Festival so a lot of people are on vacation. The other night we watched a long and very beautiful fireworks from a balcony at the embassy. It was nice to see a lot of people (not just Japanese invitees and staff, but some Canadians too) dressed traditionally in kimono and yukata, especially the kids. The part I really would love to see is the floating of the paper lanterns. Oh well, next year!

Tonight we're off to a street festival in a cute neighbourhood nearby called Azabu Juban. I fell in love with that area last Friday. It's more village-y than Big City like most of the other popular neighbourhoods nearby, with their Times Square-like lights and huge department stores/designer boutiques (I've already seen two Louis Vuitton stores).

This weekend (it’s Friday eve here now) we’re probably going to finally go to the Imperial Palace, which isn’t far but we seem to have wanted to see all the Big City sights first and now that’s mostly done. I also have to fit in some studying because I start class on Tuesday (it’s free at the embassy but just once a week). I still haven’t registered for an outside intensive, which I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing soon.

Yoi shuumatsu o (have a nice weekend).


Arigato for the piccies! :D
Have a good weekend!
Hei, I got this blog address from Yami.

Have a wonderful week-end you too and, by the way, very nice description, you have a writer's talent.

This blog is fantastic! I'm so jealous you got to visit the famous Harajuku district! And the vending machine picture made me so nostalgic - I love how those things are on pretty much every single block, eh?

Keep posting pictures! *^-^*

じゃ ね!

ジェィセリン (Jacelyn)
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