Wednesday, September 27, 2006

comments, lies and long-distance rates

So it seems my novelty has worn off. Or maybe my material ain't as interesting! But comments and e-mail response to this 'lil blog seem to have fallen off somewhat (though curiously I seem to get the same number of visitors each day, according to the counter. Perhaps it's "Next Blog" button clickers? Hello strangers!)

Of course it's perfectly understandable. My interest in snapping photos almost everywhere I go will also eventually wane I'm sure. In the meantime, I got a good laugh recently when a person I e-mailed to check if they were still alive responded with a fib and a lie. The fib was that they'd been posting comments, wasn't I able to see them? In fact the person in question hadn't commented in a month! The lie was that he/she had not been getting time on their computer because someone else in the house was always using it.

Now I personally have a thing against lying. Not because I'm particularly honest but mostly because I've got a high level of common sense, or perhaps wisdom, or likely a combo of the two. See you rarely get away with lies, right? Don't they always seem to go awry, and the person you lied to usually finds out and then it's just a big icky mess?

Anyway, I'm not going to make a big mess, in fact I'm laughing about a case in point: I did find out that this person has begun dating online recently. Perhaps they should have realized that the little bird was likely to tell me so and that I'd deduce that e-flirting was really what was taking up computer time! Guess I'll have to make a Skype call to find out if any interesting prospects have been e-snared!

Oh human nature can be so fascinating, no? Any comments liars and non-liars out there?

But speaking of honesty, in all truth, I mainly wanted to post just to use the catchy title I came up with when thinking about the situation! Like it?


just thought i'd say hi and let you know i've been trolling your blog ever since my dad (robert) let me know you were keeping one. it's neato. :)

Hey, thanks Alison. What a nice surprise and a valued compliment since it comes from a communications-savvy person!

Hey listen, I invited your mom & dad to come visit and just want you to know that the offer extends to you (+ your beau). We have a spare room!

PS: Can I ask you a fav? Tell your mom I didn't forget Dean, I just never found a manga post card. But I just yesterday got him a manga notebook that I'm popping in the mail soon.
ALLO! Is this working? :D
thanks carol, i'll definitely look you guys up if i ever find myself heading to japan! :)

i'll pass on the info about dean next time i'm talking to my mom.


Just thought I'd let you know that I read your blogs and check out your pics on a semi-regular basis. I just (shamefully) didn't make the effort to figure out how to comment until now. True to my nature, one of my favourite photos is the one called "ivory coast yummies" - I could stare at that chocolate-y delicious-ness all freakin' day! And I love reading about what you've been up to, especially now that you've become a sugar-wielding kitchen goddess.

Keep up the great work with the blog, pics and desserts!
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