Friday, September 15, 2006

enjoying a visit

From autumn that is. The high today was only 23C, with no humidity! It cooled off a few days ago during a rainy spell but though the rain quit yesterday around lunch, the humidity has not come back. It's so nice to have the AC off and the windows open! But it will get hot again on Sunday according to the forecast. I don't mind, I just hope the high humidity is gone for good. October is apparently like September back home so I guess that makes it still August.

So I have no new pictures, partly because of the rain (it was really pouring so I didn't go out walking unless I had to) and partly because last night I forgot my damn camera when we went out for an after-dinner walk. It was already dark so that's probably why I didn't think to take the camera. It's getting dark so early now, the sun sets around 6 so by 7 it's fully dark.

But I digress, as usual! We walked north, to see the west side of a neighbourhood we once briefly visited shortly after arriving, Arakicho (it's actually part of Yotsuya). It's not one of the hot neighbourhoods like Shinjuku or Roppongi so I guess that's why it took us so long to check it out. But we are now anxious to go back, particularly on a Saturday night.

See we found a couple of absolutely adorable little sidestreets that are more like the winding back alleys of a Spanish casco veijo (old town) and are filled with one cute tiny bar or restaurant after another. We'll have to drag one of Alain's Japanese-speaking colleagues from the embassy along because the restaurants there are the types of small, family-run places that are filled with regulars from the neighbourhood. The exact type of place we've never visited because they aren't likely to have English or picture menus.

We'll also have to go back during the day as well so I can get a few shots of this hospital that is architecturally very funky and beautiful.

Okay well I have to run and go Farrah-flip my hair and put some blue eyeshadow on: the embassy happy hour tonight is a Disco Dance Party to launch their United Way campaign.


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