Monday, September 18, 2006

much to say & unpack

I just posted some new photos but it's late so I'll keep this short. We received our sea shipment yesterday (Saturday), in other words most of our boxes. Needless to say our place is upside down! We didn't get to do much unpacking though because our social calendar is starting to get busy these days. After the movers left, we actually had to run out for groceries to make a couple of dishes for a potluck supper we were invited to last night.

And between the mid-afternoon cooking and the dinner, we had tickets to the Latin Beat film festival at 4 p.m. Both the Mexican film (called DramaMex) and the party (hosted by an embassy couple who live on our compound) were great. Aran was quite taken with the view from their master bathroom. Apparently a man can gaze at Tokyo Tower while he pees.

So today (Sunday), despite being slightly hungover, we should have done some serious unpacking but ding-dong, another new friend from the compound came calling to see if we wanted to go out exploring. And since we adore him and love wandering, we were an easy sell. Grabbed the camera, put on some comfy shoes, and off we went.

We actually went to two different areas. The first being an area filled with second-hand bookstores and the other a popular neighbourhood that includes a theatre district, market, and huge temple (pagoda and all), to name a few.

And then A & I had to run downtown to make it to another Latin Beat flick (Peruvian this time) which blew my mind, called Madeinusa. We just finished a late dinner and now I must say oyasuminasai (good night).


wow you guys are social butterflies! :D very happy to read your stuff got there ok.
Hugs right back at your duderonopus. Yeah, it's apparently much quicker to make friends in a fishbowl!
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