Sunday, September 03, 2006

smog's eye view

Well I'm too wiped to actually make much sense so posting now ain't a great idea but I just wanted to point out that I uploaded lots of new photos yesterday shot during some solo wandering (and clandestine photo snapping of people on the street) I did around our neighbourhood. And I just uploaded a bunch more because today A dragged me all over Yokohama, a port city that's a 40 minute train ride away. Many of today's pix were taken from the top of Japan's tallest building

Anyway, I think we walked for something like 6 hours, and me with a migraine hangover. I had my 4 or 5th migraine in as many weeks yesterday. Don't know what's triggering them, I was doing well in the past few years and had probably had that many in the last year combined. I think it's probably allergy-related. Unfortunately something here (smog maybe, though it's not as bad as you would think, maybe mould, it's so humid) irritates my eyes and also affects my nose a bit. Oh well, it's better than the nasty itchy eardrums, nose and throat my hayfever back home would be giving me about now.

So enough exhausted rambling about that! Time to hit the shower. I'm not smelling so nice after all that walking in strong summer sunshine. Yeah, it's still hot here, today was around 30 I think.


Love the new photos! Sorry to hear baout your migraines - I hope this is just a 'gettnig used to new country' phase and that your head will feel better soon.
thanks duderonopus!
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