Monday, September 25, 2006

sunsets 'r us

Just wanted to post mostly to point out that I uploaded some new pix of Odaiba, a man-made island just off the Tokyo waterfront that is a wonderland of parks/entertainment areas and truly stunning architecture.

Most of the photos were shot at sunset because we only arrived there around mid-afternoon yesterday since our morning was spent voluteering at a Terry Fox walk/run. Aran and I held the start rope, which was fine for the 10 km because they were all adults (though some were quite tall so at GO I had to stretch my arm way up and stand on my tippy toes to lift the rope high enough). But my arm nearly fell off for the 5 km because there were a lot of kids at the front who thought it was fun to push up against the rope!

Anyway, it was a long morning because we had to wait for all the last straggling walkers since we also found ourselves with cheering duties, pointing the returnees to the finish line at the end of the marathon. It was actually pretty fun! The turnout was marvelous, we apparently hit 1,000. That could possibly be thanks to the absolutely gorgeous weather we've been enjoying. Clear blue sky, highs in the mid 20s C with a nice cool wind and cool nights.

The other main event of our weekend was the earthquake centre visit on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of us in the simulator, which would've been blurry anyhow: our group was treated to a level 7 and it was quite eyeopening. As was the 3D movie we saw that showed you life in Tokyo during and after a serious quake. I was a wack of nerves after all the falling bricks, poles and live wires. Our friends' 6-year-old son couldn't watch and was taken out crying.

But all in all I was glad to go there and have a better idea what kind of sh*t could happen. Could might maybe but probably not.


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