Sunday, October 01, 2006

great Buddha

I'm ashamed to say that last night I watched my first anime film. It sure took me long enough to get around to it, don't you think?

In any case, I was very pleasantly surprised and thought the film, Spirited Away, to be a fitting choice since we had spent the day yesterday in a small town visiting Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, including that of the huge famed 700-year-old statue seen here.

See the storyline of this suspenseful movie revolves around a human girl getting trapped at a special spa in the netherworld that caters to Shinto "kami" (deities or spirits).

So it's a "cartoon" as Aran calls animation, spiced by a little of Japan's very rich mythology.


Hiya pinch me!
I have come to appreciate "some" anime too. Mostly because my boys keep talking about it, and then I have to find out what the heck they are up to (yup, a nosey mom)... I once learned how to play dungeons and dragons for a similar reason... couldn't see what all the had hype was... so I learned it from the inside out. Anime though, I am not so inclined to watch much, just because it takes a fair amount of energy to understand the plot (they are not the 2 dimensional cartoons we watched as kids), and yup, I'm lazy sometimes... lol

I loved your lil blog on lies. Its an interesting point that we always get caught up in the end, isn't it. It also amazes me at how much energy it takes to lie... and yup, I'm a pretty lazy person most of the time... lol

But I have to add, there are a few categories where lying is appropriate: you know those little white ones that save face, and avoid confrontation where its either a waste of time, or sometimes, energy (again). I find myself often saying "I'm fine" when I'm not feeling so great. That's the one that I'm guilty of most of the time.

Well, dinner's ready... chat soon!
Kyaroru I love the new pics! The one of Aran with the kids is AWESOME. And the Budda! Oh my god. Fantastic.

Thanks my dear duderonopus. We were a little disappointed that the great Buddha was so buff though. We wanted to see a great Buddha belly!
Your pics of the temples and gardens, I can almost smell them I swear. Beautiful.

Awww, the Daibutsu at Kamakura beach was one of my favourite things in Japan! I bought a cheesy kids storybook about the life of Buddha there.

Anime can be fun, although I find it easiest to go on recommendations. My favourite is the oh-so-girly Bishoujo genre, as well as pretty much anything by Miyazaki Hayao, the Disney of Japan. Try "Tonari no totoro" - it's really sweet!
You tell us that you haven't watched until yesterday a cartoon movie?
Well, it's never too late. :-)

The pictures are gorgeous, and again, you managed not to get caught in one. OK.

Steph: Thanks a lot! I can gaze at those zen gardens for ever, I tell ya. Wish I had my own!

Jacelyn: Thanks for the recommends! I don't think Aran will go for the girly stuff but we'll check out more of Miyazaki's stuff since we've liked both Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle.

Carmen: Heehee, yes, I know I'm not in any photos but I promise to try to remember to get Aran to take a few of me.
Lynne: I forgot to include you there, sorry! I meant to respond to you earlier this week but I've been knocked on the couch by a stomach flu that's sweeping the embassy AND a chest cold.

Anyhow, thanks. And you take care of yourself and try to own up when you're not feeling great. I know people don't always want to hear it but why should you care about making them uncomfortable if they don't care if you are, ya know?
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