Tuesday, October 31, 2006

my strained and my sweet eyeballs

Thankfully it looks like I'm about to start back at work next Monday (a temporary part-time contract at the embassy) because this social Martha-to-the-max thing is hard work! I don't know if it's just my over-achieverness or maybe a combination of that and my immature love of Halloween that's had me working non-stop for that past while on the kids' halloween party that took place tonight to the howls of joy emitted by children overstimulated by sugar and the prospect of more and more for days. But I'm so tired and glad all the ghost cutting, spider-webbing and monster eyeball baking are done!

Seriously, it was really fun and I think the embassy kids (about 10 little ones and 10 tweens & teens) and their +/- 15 guests really enjoyed the haunted graveyard we created in the ambassador's back garden, or part of it actually. Talk about a huge and fabulous garden, full of Edward Scissorhand bushes, back stone paths, ponds with fish and turtles, etc.!

But I digress. We played some games, were frightened by surprise monsters moaning and jumping out from behind trees (Alain was lead monster), munched the varied scary snacks (another being witch finger cookies, which my CEC pals may remember) and gave out prizes & goodies and wham-bam the weeks of planning and prepping were over in about an hour...

Happy Halloween.


AWWWWWWW YOU LOKED AWESOME!!! oh wow sweetie you worked so hard!!! I think it was worth it htough :)
So happy for you for the job! HURRAY!!!!
Halloween here is just not the same without you.
Dear Carol,

In this costume, you really look scary, my god, now I understand why you worked so much, you disguised twice and the scenery was really good. You are talented for things like this.

Now, I congratulate you for your new job, I just hope you will be able to write to us from time to time. Hope this doesn't sound to egoist.
Thanks so much everyone! Also, my apologies to anyone to whom I owe a response I'm quite behind in my e-mails due to the party preps, job interviews and more sickness. My stomach has been acting up again and now I've come down with another flu of some sort (swollen glands and fever).
Hey sweetie. Wow ... you looked great and those treats made me feel so humble. You are amazing! I can't believe all you did! Congratulations on the job and take it easy ... I don't want you to burn out or get Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or some other nastiness. Hope you're feeling better soon. xoxo
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