Saturday, October 28, 2006

puppy head

So I'm puppy-sitting on a hangover and boy I think it's cured me of my desire for a puppy of my own! Fuji, the 3-month-old miniature Schnauzer, is immensely cute but between chewing me to death with his piranha-like tiny teeth and peeing everywhere except on the paper, he hasn't given me a moment's peace since 9 this morning. Actually, shhh he's napping now so I'm trying to type quietly.

This after the big embassy Halloween party last night and one tequila too many. But the sights alone were worth this morning's pounding brain. There was hardly a soul without a costume (though there were far too many women in regular black clothing wearing witch hats in my opinion!) and boy there were some doozies! One of the youngest diplomats and his mate made their own sushi costumes. He was octopus and I think she was tuna. Another embassy couple were a pirate and wench but they were not garbed out of a package; she's a seamstress and researched it so the costumes were historically accurate and absolutely stunning.

Another non-embassy guest meticulously painted himself in intricate full facial and full arm tattoos. One of my friends apparently asked him, "You're Maori, right?" To which the dude replied, "No, I'm just interesting." And with almost 400 in attendance, he was not the only interesting character either. One young Pierrot, who kept trying to chat us up to polish his limited English skills, apparently found out about the party via MySpace. Oh and that's not to mention the guy dressed like Arafat (in head scarf and robe) wearing a sign that said, "Anti Terro, Pro Ero." Alain quibbled with him about the accuracy of the abbreviations and I told him, hey give the guy a break, that's fine Ingrish!

As for us, we had tons of Japanese female guests ask if they could take our picture, so I guess we did a good job with our costumes. But particularly Aran, whom they all instantly recognized as Lupin (though a few Canadians mistook him for the Joker). I think his big brown eyes, accented by the black eyecrayon that he finally gave in and let me use on him, probably didn't hurt his popularity!


ha ha - that's totally lupin! well done, aran-san!

happy hallowe'en - you both look fabulous! ^-^
Wow, you two are beautiful!
Happy Halloween!
Can't wait for more pictures.

By the way, I went yesterday with Yami, Romain and Maria Victoria to see Afro Cuba Stars, Cuban Jazz, it was wonderful, and Yami told me she really enjoys her new job. Too bad, my hubby is not ready to move, I would have loved to take your path.

I forgot to tell you something about the puppy, is too young, that's why you feel his teeth and he is peeing all over the place. Until 6 to 9 month you have to be very patient, like with children.
After that period he will change his teeth for stronger and thicker ones and there will be no problems. But this is the time to tell him no every time he tries to teeth you and turn your back and he will stop. Good luck ! :-)
Love the costumes! Nice to finally see a pic of you ... although one without Hallowe'en makeup would also be nice.
Sounds like you two had a blast. Happy Hallowe'en!
Interesting costume, c. Having a little bit of the old deja-vu? Heehee...
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