Friday, October 06, 2006

stomach bug goes to Swan Lake

I'm afraid my stomach may have been permanently ruined by a stupid flu that's sweeping the embassy. I came down with it fully early last week but had been fighting it for a week before that and have now been fighting all this week to recover. I hope it hasn't damaged my previously strong stomach because I worked hard to get it as strong as it was! As some might remember, particularly my poor dear Buzz who dragged me barfing to the hospital on more than one occasion, I was previously prone to vomit-a-ramas.

Actually, I can't say I worked hard, I don't know how or why I got over that tendency but I wish I did know because I'd do it again now. I prefer natural remedies but fresh ginger infusions are not working, dammit. Any suggestions, folks? Just don't say raw eggs or 4 glasses of milk or anything like that because you'll make me retch.

Okay, well THAT was not what I intended to blog about today, I guess I'm just preoccupied by my achey tum-tum, sorry! I wanted to glow a little about a gorgeous ballet we saw last night. Yes, pip-pip, excuse us, we went to the baaallet my dears!

It was my first viewing of Swan Lake, or any famous classical ballet for that matter (aside from a Balanchine retrospective done by Les Grandes Ballets Canadiens de Montreal a couple of years back but I digress). And apparently Tokyo is the place to experience it according to B, a former dancer herself, with and because of whom we were there. The sets were exquisite, the costumes truly stunning, and the dancing was irreproachable (according to B, since I certainly am not a baaallet expert)!

Of course it's odd that our first dance expedition in Japan would be to see something Western, but it just worked out that way because of B (long story). I do intend to experience Japanese dance during our time here and I'd really like to begin with Butoh or contemporary dance (my preference) that is influenced by it. It's apparently quite disturbing and controversial. Just my cup of tea.


Oh dear,

Try on empty stomach some freshly extracted juice, made of cabbage with potato (skin included) in equal quantities, and you will see. It is not pleasant at taste but it heals very well the digestiv tract. Then see if you find some Yarrow plant. It works wonders. Trust me. :-)
Now, it must have been very interesting your "baaaaalet" experience. I really love it, but I haven't yet had the chance to go. So, do you tell us that Les Grands Ballets Canadiens are not worth it? Or I misunderstood?
Anyway, if you are going to see some Japanese contemporary dance, PLEASE, take pictures, and include yourself in them, too. :-)

Yikes! Carmen, thankfully today my stomach feels a lot better so hopefully I won't have to try your crazy (though I'm sure effective) cocktail! As for Les Grands Ballets, yes, you misunderstood because they were fabulous. Ask Marian, she'll tell you, she goes a few times a year I think. Oh and pictures, pictures, pictures, OKAY (you really won't forget it will you? heehee)! I'll ask Alain to take one soon.
take it easy! BTW-do you guys get canadian holidays?
Yessiry-m'am (don't know who you are so pick your gender)! They get 'em but the embassy apparently adjusts the date a bit to fit the closest Japanese holiday. So far they coincidentally had holidays that fell on Labour Day & Thanksgiving! Aran tells me that there's one long weekend per month so I guess they get some Japanese ones too.

Oh, and in case you wondered, we got invited to some friends' for a full Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings & pumpkin pie for dessert too!
Oh dear... I'm sorry about your sore tummie! If anyone knows about that feeling its me and my buddy! So, yogurt helps, and pudding. but if you have troubles with milk, don't do the pudding thing. Good old soda crackers, dry toast, and if all that fails, salt actually does work. Ya, I know weird eh? But of course, those are just temporary measures. As I'm sure M will tell you, colonics will work wonders. Not at all sure what Japan has in that area, but they are really not as bad as they sound. My friend Kim took the course last fall and she swears by them.

I'm glad you had a chance to see the ballet. What a treat!

We had a great turkey dinner here too. My brothers and my dad came and they hovered food for a good 1/2 hour! Made all the preparations (over 2 days) seem worth it? lol.. ok just a little joke. M was surprised at all the testosterone in the room, but growing up with brothers, I'm used to it! Of course, when it was time to clean up (the dishes, not the food), there were not many boy helpers! Thank goodness for M!

Chat soon!
I'm sorry I haven't been reading in a while. Have you gotten my e-mail and MSN message? Are you ok? I know this post is from a while ago, but I just want to know that you're doing well...
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