Monday, November 27, 2006

fished out

The ryokan was stunning, as you'll see from the pix, and the food (breakfast & dinner was included) was amazing but honestly I think I've had my fill of fish for awhile.

And I will say that I am anxious to try onsens again when I don't have a migraine. That's because I can vouch for the hotspring bath's effectiveness on the circulatory system, not only because my normally pasty complexion has taken on a nice glow after my three brief dips this weekend, but also because the slight migraine I had on Friday just kept pounding harder every time I boiled myself a little in the ryokan's onsen pool!

I'll probably write more about our trip tomorrow after I finish uploading the photos (yes, there's actually more than the 40 or so I just uploaded, sorry, I've become a photo fiend, what can I say?).

PS: Thanks for the crossed fingies but I had a nay e-mail from the HR lady for that job I was dreaming of getting at Nikkei. C'est la vie...


Well Carol,

I really enjoyed the pictures, wow, amaizing. I am happy for you.
Thanks for making us part of your beautiful experiences over there.

As for the answer to your application, well....they are going to be other opportunities, I am sure :-), so keep the faith.

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