Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday fashion and food notes

boots w/skirts everywhere
No real reason for this short post, I was just inspired by this evening's trip along our nearby busy mainstreet to the grocery store.

New favourite snack foods: Satsuma (mandarine) flavoured popcorn and curry flavoured puffs (the latter are made by Fritos and have a consistency like Cheetos).

Sad veg observation: I'm very bummed because I think edamame season is over, they're getting much harder to find. I'm seriously addicted to the green yummies. If you're unfamiliar with them, edamame are fresh soybean pods which you boil lightly in salted water and then you eat 'em by putting the whole pod in your mouth and popping the beans out (the pods are too chewy to eat).

Surrounded by 'style': Though it's still 20C here, I'm already very sick of the knee-high, usually high-heeled, boots that 2 out of 3 women have been wearing with skirts and shorts since September.

Trend-going-wrong alert: And though the temperature is reminiscent of spring, I dread what I think is the next big trend: I saw many women in beige knee-length trench coats. Ick.

PS: The reason women are more often victims of my fashion critique is because most men are clad 6 days out of 7 (Tokyoites tend to work Saturdays) in dark business suits.

Okay I'm going to eat my grocery store take-out of sashimi and tempura now. It was a tough week readujsting to being stuck in an office, so TGIF!


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Hi Carol,

Wonderful descriptions and pictures, thanks again for your effort to show us a bit of Japan.

By the way, how is work? Still boring?

Wish you lots of good luck!

Hey Carol,

did you ever hear back from the Blogger administrators to change yours to "pinchme" instead of "pinchmi'?
Hey 'nonymous. Nope, no word from the mins. Pinchmi, pinchewe, what's the diff, right?
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