Friday, November 03, 2006

i swear they're teradactyls

I've long since developed a strong dislike of Tokyo crows. They're louder (especially around sunrise the stupid bastards) and I think bigger than Canadian crows with bigger toucan-y like beaks. Anyway they're way more abundant than in Montreal or Ottawa, at least on our compound, maybe because of all the trees in the park next to the embassy & the ambassador's garden. Around here they tend to swoop at you when you least expect it. I used to think it was just accidental but my friend K just told me this morning that she saw two of them eat a little bird the other day. They plucked all its feathers off and shared everything but its wings & neck. So now I'm wondering about the swoops...


This sounds like the synopsis of a film, starring Carol S. and Aran D.
At least they're not magpies - those things are the worst! >_<*

Hi Kyaroru,... I love the halloween post, unfortunately, I can't open the pics but your descriptions are great! Sounds like you had a great time.

Maybe the crows are leftovers from the party?

Its raining here in Vancouver. I think we are socked in for a while, but (thank goodness) the weather has warmed up. Also, we don't have to shovel it!

Take care,
Anonymous: heehee! How's "The Black Terror of Tokyo" for a title?

Jacelyn: Are magpies the gray ones that sound like squeaky toys? Man those ones drive me NUTS, yo.

Lynne: Sorry to hear about the rain. I feel guilty at how wonderful Japanese autumn is, very dry and highs around 20C. How was your Halloween, did you get lots of trick or treaters?
hey carol! just wanted to direct your attention to this pic i posted on my flickr:

... they're reading your blog! :)

This is a magpie:

They're absolutely beautiful looking, but awful nonetheless! We had them in our backyard in Calgary - they chased away all the small cute (NICE-SOUNDING) birds and would squawk all day. One tried to attack me once - nasty little buggers!

I had to explain the Remembrance Day poppy to my sensei this morning - she was very excited to learn about "Canadian culture!"
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