Wednesday, November 15, 2006


It looks like I jinxed the weather by bragging in my last post about how it was still 20C here. It dropped a bit a few days ago and just tonight Aran & I got soaked by a sudden downpour. I hope Premier Campbell, who just arrived last night, wasn't hoping for a night out strolling the sites. But it's not that we're going to have a frost quite yet. I've got to snap a shot of these popular hedges that have recently started flowering with bright fushia blooms.

Speaking of jinx, I also just found out I didn't get the real job at the embassy I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago (not this temp thing I'm doing). Anyway there's so much b.s. at the embassy with never-ending gossip & quasi-scandals that I'm not sure I'd really want to work there! Hopefully I'll have better luck with the position I just tested for this afternoon because man I would love doing that! (Copyediting for a business news wire). Crossing your fingies please...


Hey, just heard about the tsunami, hope you're well and not near Hokkaido
*fingers officially crossed!!!*

がんばって ね!

i'm starting to second-guess my decision to turn down a life in japan, big time!
Thanks guys (for the concern and the crossed fingies)! JH, wakarimasu, but it's never too late, Japan's not goin' anywhere!
Crossing fingers and toes for you, c. I know how much you would enjoy that job!
I've got my fingers crossed for you to Carol! Good luck...
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