Tuesday, December 19, 2006

on tenterhooks

I'm anxious not only to finish my (dullsville) contract at the embassy this Friday but I'm also waiting very impatiently for the latest response in a 2-day e-negotiation that I've been involved in. See last Wednesday, I applied for an editing job with a specialized group offering journal article polishing services for Japanese scientists writing in English (a majority of medical journals are in the US and UK). And surprisingly I was shortlisted out of 235 applicants, according to the auto-response I received when I submitted my CV. This feat is thanks I'm sure, to the few months I spent at that osteoarthritis research unit in Montreal a few years back.

Anyway, that meant I had the pleasure of spending several hours doing a test for them over my birthday weekend. Actually the most painful part was not the science goobledygook but the "comments" they require you to write about the changes you do and why you do 'em. I just know what is wrong and how to fix it but jeez don't ask me why!

Actually it's not really a job per se, I'd be working at home as a "contractor." Which is totally fine by me! I'd get to choose which/how many articles I feel like doing per week and I could work in my undies if I wanted! Anyway, in the last message I had from them this morning they asked when I could start and informed me that they will be sending me a non-disclosure agreement to sign and that they pay once a month at the end of the month by direct deposit. I responded that yeah great but I'd like to come in and meet them because a) we never discussed how much they pay and b) it's good to meet the hand that's going to feed you. It would be strange to not have an interview, wouldn't it?

So no response yet and it's 6:32 p.m. so that means I'll have to wait until tomorrow I guess!


OMG EXCITING!!!!!!!!! I hope the pay is decent?!?!
Carol sis!
Beautiful Gingerbread! Christmas won't be the same without you!
By the way, where are all the photos that were on your Blog before?
Luv ya,
That house looks amazing! I want a piece of that roof.
Hey I forgot to wish you a happy birthday the Carolsters... so Happy Birthday en retard :(

Stephsters xxx
Ok so as for the "job," it's a washout. They finally answered with rate and anticipated volume and both are pathetic, which is probably why it was so hard to get the info out of them. The rate is so low I'm telling them no thanks for the sake of other freelancers everywhere. Insulting.

As for the photos, Mar, I donno what you're talking about. Maybe you mean the photos in older posts? If so you have to click on the Archives underneat the top right photo. Or maybe you mean all my Flickr pix? If so, go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookiepix/sets/

Steph, thanks a lot! You should make one, it's fun. And then you could eat it all too!
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