Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the stairs are decked

Christmas is close and I'm trying hard to get in the spirit. With sunny blue skies and 10 C temps, it's been easy to forget the season. But Aran made puppy eyes at me on the weekend so on Monday I dug out the decorations and decked our apartment. We don't have a tree since we preferred having a real one, which here would cost around $300 if you can find one at all.

Now the wreaths are hung, garland wrapped up the whole length of the stair bannister (and decorations hung on the garland) and lights are running up the stairs as well as outlining the den window. So he comes home everyday and says, "Oh là là, c'est Noëëël!"

Next thing is to find recipes/ideas for gingerbread house construction because I want my friend's three boys to be able to continue the tradition their grandma usually does with them. Then it will be time to start planning the Christmas dinner too. Looks like we're going to be hosting around 10 adults and 7 kids. Yikes!


i know how yu feel,i'm so not thinking of xmas... i better get into it! :)
miss you!
call me!
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