Monday, January 15, 2007

survival & a box full of scallops

We proudly proclaim that we survived the Crash Test Parents Weekend! In fact we did more than survive, I had some special moments that are still making me all warm and fuzzy when I think of them, including an adorable 5-year-old's gleeful Naked Dance while he waited his turn for the shower, and observing the patience of an exemplary big brother who ate every single thing I put in front of him (plus his own creation of ham-wrapped kiwi) without any coaxing at all.

I just hope the temporarily liberated real parents enjoyed themselves somewhat, despite their many phone calls home and our one final failure; to persuade their middle child, a charming yet ever so mischievous 6-year-old, to do all his homework. And we're very happy that they chose to show their appreciation with a big box full of the specialty of the region in Northern Japan they were visiting: scallops. We had a few (on the shell) for dinner tonight and they are the freshest, best ones I've ever had.

Bring me your children and succulent seafood. Hahaha. That actually sounds more Hansel & Gretel than I intended.


Wow ... expect a rather large hand delivered package (with air holes punched in) shortly ... scallops to follow.
Dude I am sorry to hear about the migraines! But lovely to read about your successfull kiddie weekend. This is the first time in two weeks i've had the chance to read your blog! I am also super behind on emails and so on, because work has been, as you can imagine, unbelievably busy and retarded (but mostly busy). Still miss you lots and *hugs*!
"Bring me your children and succulent seafood. Hahaha."


good job parents. Given you any thoughts? kim
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