Sunday, February 04, 2007

drunken strangers dried out my eyes

The dishwasher is broken, glasses everywhere. My contacts are dried out and I want to go to sleep but Alain is still making the last two drunken guests laugh so I don't suppose I'll be getting to bed just yet.

And joy-oh-joy my uber-polite partner has invited them to sleep over. So much for Sunday morning pyjama lounging... I tend to dress for strangers: I just tonight met his ex-students and their prof from when he was volunteering as a TA a couple of months ago. And though the eve was very enjoyable, we had woken early this morning and traipsed all over town (see new pix) for dinner ingredients.

Bonne nuit svp les élèves!


miss you so much
hola chica - no danger of your partner being ueber-polite to yours truly, i'm sure :-)
meanwhile, i saw this kanji site and thought you might get a kick out of it:
i hope you're head is feeling better. it's -38 with the wind chill, oh YEAH!
m. in o-town
hey gurl... been a while since my last comment, so thot I'd say "Hi"... Spring is almost upon us west (wet) coasters, cherry blossoms starting to peek out, pussy willows (my fav) are out. Went to SPark on the weekend & feed: swans (including austin), squirrels, a racoon (ok, not me i'm chicken... M did that), and some chickadees right out of our hands! Great walk, noodle lunch (yummmmm), and groceries then home. Paid for my excersions way too much, but well worth it! Hope ur migrane's get better soon!
Hey there!
It's been a while since I checked your blog, so I'm just updating myself on the adventures of your ever lovin' self and marvelling at how you can be having summer-esque weather, your friend and my fellow commenter Lynne is nearing Spring, and we're still -18 degrees but beautifully sunny here in Canadia. No big news to report from le bureau, sauf que l'incomparable Mr. St├ęphan Dumont est de retour chez Lexi-tech following his stint as a swivel servant. No worries, there was no drama. He just wanted to pursue happiness and get his soul back. ;) Still super sweet as ever, he just brought me some green tea.
All the best to you guys and have fun on your trip to paradise. Think of all of us here in our mittens.

Ciao Bella!

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