Thursday, February 08, 2007

full on 400 yen

I accidentally bought the cheapest lunch possible just now. After class I had to go to the bank and pharmacy (for some beach supplies, we're leaving tomorrow!) and while I was out, I decided to grab a bento lunch in the metro shopping plaza near our house. I surveyed the ready-to go take-out tables outside of a few of the restaurants and at a Chinese greasy spoon, I grabbed the first tofu dish I saw since many were meaty and I'm no fan. For under C$4 I got a nice mix of ma-po tofu and chicken and veggies on a typically huge serving of rice, which as you can see, I couldn't finish.

Have to roll myself to work now. I probably won't post during our week in the Philippines so ja mata (later)!


So, have a wonderful vacation week in Philippines!

Take care and take wonderful pictures.

OMG have a great time on holidays!
take lots of piccies!!
miss you
yikes, that's hella-cheap for tokyo - sounds tasty! :)

hope you're having a great trip, lady!
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