Monday, February 19, 2007

my idol AND a princess

I am just about to fall into bed after attending a reading by Margaret Atwood this evening at which a member of the Japanese imperial family was also present; Princess Takamado, the widow of the current emperor's cousin.

But I'm not posting to gush about the author I most worship, nor to brag of my brush with royalty. I just wanted to get up one of my Boracay photos because the place was unbelievably photogenic. I still have a ton to upload, so these are just a taste of what I'll be returning to in my dreams tonight...


hey sweetie,
happy all went well and can't wait to see more pics!
Guys! Beautiful photos! I made one my desktop (just wish you were both in it!) Can't wait to hear all about your week!
Luv yas,
the photos are *incredible* - i felt lucky today because it was only -6 outside, but now the envy's bigger than those sunset skies!

can't wait to hear more about your adventures!!! :D

Oh Carol,

Wonderful images. Thanks a lot for them! Incredible.
Where are you? Didn't anybody take you a picture?
So did you go on a trip to visit around? I am sure you have some tales to tell us.

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