Thursday, March 22, 2007

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Well it seems my new furry pal has prompted more woofs out of you than usual. My regulars are as excited as me, it's too funny! Here's an update for all you anxious aunties: she's arriving Monday afternoon (Sunday your time).

So, though it's Alain's birthday on Saturday, I must find time this weekend to do some cooking (she's going to be a homemade food eater) and shop for some toys. I also want to sew her a bed out of some old curtains and pillows. But the birthday boy has been such a brat lately, maybe I'll just forget his darn birthday and concentrate on my pet activities!

On the naming front, I had asked my shelter rep if Gries was her name from her previous family and she had told me no, she thought the shelter staff had come up with it. But yesterday she corrected that and said it was her original name. And last night I had a thought: I'm pretty sure the shelter took the spelling down wrong when they received her, because Gries doesn't mean anything in Japanese nor in English (unless it was an attempt at Grease or Greece). I think it most likely should have been Gureisu, the romanji spelling of the Japanese pronunciation of Grace.

And so I thought, maybe it would be best to stick to that. It's not so bad (better than Grease). Kind of pretty. I tell Alain this over breakfast, though I should've known better than to bring it up with him because he's been doing nothing but hassling me about the name, dissing all my ideas and coming up with nothing but dumb/joke names of his own. Well jokes aside, he said he refuses to call her Grace because it's snobby or pretentious or something. NOW he likes one of my original ideas which he previously dissed: Kumo (cloud, but it also means spider). I know one thing: I'm going to teach her to come to whatever name I do choose AND I'm going to train her to bite him in the nuts at my command for just such occasions!

I’m kidding of course. So be it Juuki (treasure/invaluable person but it also means machine gun) or Momo (peach, thanks JJ), Pepper (thanks Lia) or even Tortilla (gracias birthday boy), you can be sure a lot of thought went into her name. Because though I wanted to give her a Japanese name, I didn't want to give her a popular pet, nor a 'people' name. And choosing a Japanese word is tricky because one pronunciation can actually cover many words/meanings (each being written with different kanji), as you see with a couple of my examples.

But then nothing is simple when you overthink it. Grace?


aaah, you're probably right - it probably was supposed to be grace! that's a pretty name!

i agree with what kate said - she'll let you know what her name is once she's home with you! :)

what about gri-gri?
this is what i mean by gri-gri:
And Grace is beautiful. I don't think it's pretentious. When I think of Grace, I think catching a glimpse of someone in the street, someone who is not necessarily well-dressed or stunningly beautiful by "social standards," just someone who is exquisite in her or his own imperfect human way and seeing in her fleeting proof that the soul exists...having him become real for the briefest of moments. THAT'S grace.
aaaaaah! this beauty is going to a good house, she will be treated so well! hurray for you Kyaroru!

Juuki:treasure/invaluable person but it also means machine gun... that is too funny.

Me like Kumo, for the way is sounds and for the signification also... well, the cloud part.

Stephsterz xx
Grace is pretty. But like someone said, the shorter the better. So maybe she'll end up as G. Yo, G!
Kate: so beautifully said!

It makes me wish I had everyone's blog URLs, because I have the sneaking suspicion that some of you might not be sharing yours!

So anyone who does have, please feel free to post the URL here. But if you're not anxious for public exposure, e-mail me and maybe we can exchange secret URLs!

Okay, back to the pup talk...
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