Thursday, March 15, 2007

help, i want her

C'mere girl, c'mon
I have fallen for a white female.

Since we arrived here and I have more free time than ever, I've several times toyed with the idea—and have normally been shot down by Aran—of getting my long-desired canine companion. I was checking the ARK (animal shelter) website this morning and fell upon this gorgeous thing. Aran said it was up to me. As would be all responsibility, he was sure to underscore.

But I can't decide. He's planted the, oh what a hassle when we travel, etc. doubt in my mind. Whaddya think? Her name is Gries...


Oooooooooooooooooooh Carol,

Please, take this cuty, please! Don't listen to Aran, men, they all are the same. If it was after my husband I wouldn't have any of the animals in my house today, and I can tell you, they changed my life. I simply adore them, all of them, the dogs (don't forget I have 2), the birds and the fishes (which you can't believe have lots of personality).
How much do you think you are going to travel out of town or oversees? Once a year it can stay at a pets daycare, and if you travel in Japan, you can take it with you, once it is an adult they will be no problems. I don't see any problems there. You need just a bit of imagination and treat it well, and you will receive hundred times more.

Trust me,
hell no. get a cat. that way you've got a pet that can handle you being away for a few days. and just imagine the dog barking at all hours, keeping you up at night...

(can't you tell i'm NOT a dog person?)

H: ya'r too funny grrl. I know she is damn cute, isn't she?

Carmen: it's so funny that you wrote me about the homemade dog food. I had just the eve before been talking to a friend who also lost a young pet to cancer (like I lost my 5-yr-old cat Dash a few years ago) and telling her that, if I adopted Gries, I'd make her food myself. Found lots of great tips on the web too. Anyway, thanks for your encouragement, looks like we're doing it!

Alison: I understand that you're not a dog person but you don't have to be catty about it! Har-har. But seriously, I was more pro-kitty until I hooked up with mister allergic (so bad he can't breathe). Anyhow, you know what? I've already got 2 friends who are willing to dog sit anytime (one just lost her 16-yr-old spaniel 2 days ago) and that's handy cuz we're booked to go to Hiroshima on Easter weekend!
you're just doggedly determined to get a dog, aren't you, carol? ;) (unfortunately that's the best i could come up with..)

alain's allergic to cats? that's no good. dogs are nice as long as they're very well-behaved. :)

I think she's the dog for you. Go visit her and she'll tell you if she is. Seriously. That's how my cat Oliver got me.
She's bee-yoo-tee-ful! I hope the three of you will be very happy together. Of course, I live in a zoo with all of our animals, so maybe I'm not a reliable person to speak with ...
P.S. Is there a meaning to her name?
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