Sunday, March 18, 2007

new moon

I am so zonked that I was gazing around trying to think of a post title when my eyes alighted upon the calendar, noting that tonight is officially moonless and the vernal equinox is just two days away. Shunbun no Hi is actually a national holiday in Japan but unfortunately the embassy doesn't take it.

Aside from that useless info, I have not much to say other than we discovered yet another neighbourhood today and sampled its famed signature dish/dining experience, monja-yaki. This crepey-like concoction is eaten, using a tiny metal spatula, right off the mini flat grill that is your table. The 'hood, Tsukishima, has some charm and a quirky history: it's a little island built from earth they dredged up when building a shipping canal in Tokyo Bay in 1892.

Lastly, a woman from ARK is coming tomorrow to do a "housecheck" and pick up my application to adopt Gries. Crossing fingies please. Also, I have a list of names I'm working down because we're not wild about hers. Any opinions about whether it's too late to rename an 8-month old?

I bought her a leash today, I hope I didn't jinx it...


You totally didn't jinx it. I had a carrier and a little mouse toy for Oliver when I got him. As for names, Oliver was nameless for about two days while I looked him in the eyes and ran down lists and lists of names. Finally, HE told me his name. I was standing in the kitchen and it just came to me, out of nowhere. Just hang with her for a few days and you'll get it.
Pepper? Or does the dog only understand Japanese...Moshi Moshi?!
Kate: You're right, I didn't jinx it! They've accepted our application and it's just a matter another week max and she'll be arriving at our door (she's flying here from Osaka)!

Lia: Was that you suggesting Pepper? I think I'll put it in the running because it is kinda cute actually!

I'm trying to pick a Japanese name just cuz yeah, she is Japanese! I'm leaning towards Juuki. Of course if Alain wins, she'll be called Tortilla or Manga. Boys...
yup, that was me...was it the moshi moshi that gave me away? still makes me laugh every time. what does juuki mean?
juuki is adorable!!!
i was goin to recomment Gala (that was Dali's wife's name) and i thought it would'nt be too far off from her old name but a japanese name makes 100% more sense.
YAAAAAAAAAY ACCEPTED!!! I am so excited and happy for you!
she looks like she is powdered. what is the word for Powder in Japanese?
Well Carol,

Congratulations! I am so, so, so happy for you and for the beauty, you can't imagine!
Whatever is the name you choose for her, be sure it's a short one. It is very important for the dog.

Now, looks very interesting the food you dicovered, I looked for the recipe and will try it. Let's see if I am capable of doing it. Wish me luck.

Hi Carol,

Again me, about the fact that it's not to late to rename the dog. As long as you keep it short, after 2-3 exercices she will get it.

I forgot to tell you that at this equinox we had -15C. Do you like it? It was so cold and snowy this March, I am fed up with the Winter. :-)

Wow! I'm going to be an aunt!! She is really cute! I'm not recommending a name, you guys seem to be doing a good job on that front!
Hope she is good! Enjoy!!

Marilyn & Chris
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