Tuesday, April 17, 2007

bullhorns and a thunderstorm

We had to close the windows yesterday because the temperature had begun dropping dramatically after strong winds took the gorgeous weekend weather (Saturday was 25C and sunny) on a turn for the worse, to the point where a thunderstorm is currently in progress and it's a chilly six degrees.

Not that I'm complaining though, since I heard snow was recently forecast back home. I have been genuinely grateful for Tokyo's fall, winter and spring (so far). I do not however, promise not to whine come summer. I dread it almost as much as I used to dread winter back home.

Anyway, though this weather makes doggy walking somewhat unpleasant, I'm actually happy to have some extra glass insulating my sensitive ears from the damn bullhorns that have been squawking non-stop for the past few days.

See it's municipal election time and campaigning here means candidates wave white-gloved hands out of the windows of mega-phone topped vans that slowly wind along the city's side streets whilst something is being blared at a ridiculous volume.

I imagine it's very polite, "Please vote for so-and-so" type of innocuous blather, but no matter. If I could vote, you can be sure I'd pick whomever has amendment of noise bylaws in their platform.


hey, i think i know what you mean by those people blasting noise in the streets - i think bill murray dodges some of them near the end of 'lost in translation.' he looks totally bewildered!

yeah, we had snow yesterday. it was snow, then it rained on the snow, so it was basically a giant wet, sticky slurpee outside. it was windy too! best day ever! >_<*

good on you for making homemade dog food - that's totally awesome! i bet a lot of people are considering that after the recent pet food scare - i don't think i'd ever have the stomach to handle that much meat on a regular basis, even for my kitties!
Wow, so the bad wether didn't come only in Quebec. :-)
I am sorry to hear about the wether and winds overthere, here finally has started the good time: sun, +18, +19 and for Monday a fabulous +23, +24, Imagine!!!!!!!
Just have to tell you that yesterday all our neighbours were in their backyards and saluting each wity everybody. :-)
Give kisses to the baby from me.

À tantôt!
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