Thursday, April 05, 2007

fake quake shakedown

After much ado, the embassy's bi-annual all-day full-scale earthquake simulation exercise is finally over. Poor Aran was quite involved in the prep these last few weeks and is very happy that it's done.

I experienced it not from either of the roles I'm supposed to play in the case of a real disaster (I'd be one of our complex's coordinators who locates and checks residents off of a list, as well as a member of the medical/first aid group), but as an actor mainly phoning up and harassing the emergency consular and media groups by posing as a quake victim, reporter or distraught family member, and with a couple of live-action cameos thrown in. Meanwhile, my real roles had to be filled by alternates because, according to the scenario, I was missing. It was a long and sobering day.

But then I took my spunky white pupster for a long walk in the late afternoon sun. This doting pet parent is kind of sorry we're taking off tomorrow for a long weekend in Hiroshima that was planned before I ever set eyes on her photo. But her sitter is quite thrilled and I hope Grace lives up to her expectations and doesn't do anything naughty like destroying a rice paper lamp or stealing half a baguette, however minor those missteps were.

Oh and look on the bright side, it will give you a break from dog photos, of which you will eventually get sick, I am certain! Hoppy Easter everyone.


Hi Carol,

I will never get sick of pictures with your beautiful Grace, sorry!

I am glad for you that the earthquake exercices finished, I don't think it's funny at all.

I wish you both a more than happy Easter and have fun in Hiroshima!

i agree with carmen - we'll never get sick of puppy pictures! you've seen how many bronx and brooklyn pictures i still post! :)

have a great easter weekend!
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