Thursday, April 26, 2007

hit me please

I doubt anyone has noticed but I changed the hit-counter that resides at the bottom of this page. I admit I've occasionally checked my stats out of curiosity, particularly at the beginning, when no one used to comment. I didn't know if anyone was reading me and didn't necessarily feel the urge to talk into a black hole.

I put a new counter on because I accidentally deleted the old one while trying to change the counter on my alterblog (so as to verify that no one reads it!) and that is when I realized that I'm approaching 1900 hits, which while being really nothing at all in the big wide Web scheme of things, is almost respectable for a nobody's blog. It's also less than half of the views I get on Flickr (the countdown is on to 4400).

But anyway, I don't really care about that now. I pretty much know who reads me regularly and I post for you, because, as Sally so infamously said, "you like me, you really like me!" or at least to keep a few key people up-to-date on my life.

However there is one hit I'm waiting for and will never know if I get, since my freebie stat tracker is not quite that accurate. I had one hit in Tokyo yesterday and one today. Mike, sir, was that you?

Mike-san (he asked me to call him by his first name but after these several months in Japan, it feels odd/disrespectful to me to do so) is the head cheese of a funky company who interviewed me yesterday for a very appealing job that I refuse to say anything more about for fear of jinxing myself. Mike, if you're reading this, I'm really-really interested.

Anyone who isn't Mike is probably asking, why the hell would a CEO read Pinch Me? Well, on a form I filled out before the interview, in response to the question, "Are you creative? If so, what sort of creativity do you engage in?" I mentioned the hobby in which I am this instant indulging (the job involves writing).

Well didn't Mr. Mike notice the little 4-letter word bee-el-oh-gee while scanning the form during the interview. He asked me for the URL and I gave it to him. Yikes?


Hey sis! I read faithfully every week you know! You are so darn good at this! I think you should send your resume to National Geographic or something! I spoke to Mike this morning and put in a good word for you!
Luv ya! Miss ya! Mar.
you have a "tottori awesome buragu" lady - i love your creativity! :)

ganbatte ne!
wow this is a bit crazy slash insane slash exciting!! dude i'm gonna have news for you soon.
oh so very soon.

madame H
PS: Did youhear back re: the job yet?!?!??!?!

*crossing fingers super hard for you!!!!!!!*

*pets dog with crossed fingers!*
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