Monday, April 02, 2007

oh to see them fall

sake+blossom=pretty blurThough I did enjoy snapping a few typical photos of the blossoms and attending hordes this past weekend, my favourite part has just begun. I'll be sure to go walking under cherry trees in the next few days just to admire the floating white petals and resulting confetti-strewn paths. I just hope we don't have any more violent winds like the branch-rippers that blew on Saturday.

PS: Our furry sakura flower is doing well and continuing to adjust to people and traffic.

PPS: Movie recommendation for cinephiles: Akira Kurasawa's Dodeskaden. Just a gorgeous, gorgeous film.


oh your pics are soooo beautiful!!! danm those trees are wonderful... (i bet the air must smell very nice too, huh?)
the doggie is small! smaller than i imagined!!!! she is just adorable!!!!

and i haven't seen a kurosawa pic in ages, i have to get re-aquainted!

Wow Carol,
Wonderful pictures. My God,I would love to walk on those streets.

Tell Alain that he looks well with the baby. :-) I would like to see a picture of you and Grace.

chica, your photos are awesome as always. Grace is so freakin cute! Love and patience are amazing things.
please have Alain take some photos of YOU and Grace.
please have Alain take some photos of YOU and Grace.
cherry blossoms are so pretty - it must be a beautiful time of year to be in tokyo! thanks for capturing it for us here in canada with your pictures! :)
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