Tuesday, May 01, 2007

tuggin', jumpin' & snappin'

Finally getting with "it" and testing the whole youtube thing. Not a real exciting video but it stars your favourite Pinch Me character, a real dog's dog who loves tug o' war as much as the next mutt, Miz Whitey Pup.

Listen carefully at the last frame. She's got a good quick jaw on her this little thing.


there was only sound at the end though!

ps: nice crotch shot of alain btw! ;P

awesomely cute video! :)
hey carol,
would you guys look at this site and tell me how expensive this would be?
i am looking for environmentally-friendly ways of purifying air and this seems to fit according to some blg, but i dunno if this is afforbable or not! let me know, ok?
friggin cute Carol! Yes, I agree nice shot of your crotch Alain! Rocky likes tug o' war too !
Love, Edie
hey carol - here's a video of my kitties, bronx and brooklyn:


hooray for pet videos!
Hi Carol,

Your baby is very strong, and playfull, she is a beauty. I looked at the pictures and saw that Aran has finally found his playmate, isn't it? :-)

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