Wednesday, June 20, 2007

bloom thievery

are blooming
on the bush

in a tiny park
down the hill.

if I selfishly
snapped off
one bud,

would possession
of the slumberous scent

prevail over
my conscience?


Hey, beautiful flower.
You know, I have one in the house but I can't make it bloom, so outside they are in full sun or in shade? Don't think it was a crime to take one. I would have done it too. :-)
Hi Carol, What camera do you use to take such beautiful pictures? E
The answer to your poem is:

*shakes Magic 8 Ball*

"All signs point to maybe"

Carmen: Yes, there are bushes of them everywhere in full sun so stick your outside and see what happens! It's even hotter (and more humid) here than Mtl so they should do well!

E: Baby (the camera I got for Christmas) is a Canon Powershot G7. It so rocks. If you're in the market for a new camera, I will say that it is on the heavier side since it has a 6x zoom. If you're into pocket size, a friend adores his Canon Elph (3x zoom).

Buzz: I stole one from the courtyard downstairs but I don't feel bad at all!
a bloomin' thief! oh my... just couldn't help it! lol

beautiful poem... born of guilt no doubt... do you think that paris suffered any less? (probably, eh?)

ps: all in fun!
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