Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the end is near

Of puppyhood, that is. Grace-chan wa hotondo issai desu (little Grace is almost one year old) so I thought I'd capture one of her last puppy-crazy bursts, aka FRAPs ("frenetic random activity period" in dog expert speak). Or at least part of a great FRAP anyway: I had watched her for several minutes before the idea of grabbing the camera came to me.


oh my GOD this rules!!!!!!!!!
love the doggie!!!
She is sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like her! She's a toy. I still have one of them like this. Sami seems to refuse to grow old.
So, how is it having her? Do you agree with me that it changed your life? In better, of course! :-)
quick comment:,135.77488,16,k

dude you can spot WHERE a pic has been taken. how badass is that?

also, if you have a look at this photoset
there seems to be an amazing aquarium in Osaka. Damn the pics of the jellyfishes rule!
Carmen: Yes, our little furry angel is certainly a positive addition to our existence!

H: Yes, those mappy things are cool. I think Flickr has it too and if I weren't too lazy I'd put all my pix on the map but it's extra work and I'm not sure it's quite as cool as the loc.alize version. And YEAH!, those people's Osaka pix are really gorgeous.
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