Saturday, June 09, 2007

bits and bobs

Currently in progress: Aran's best anglo friend arrived last night for a 48-hour visit on his way to Thailand. I specify said pal's tongue because SeƱor Perfectly Trilingue recently realized that he has 3 best friends: one franco-, one anglo- and one hispano-phone. Needless to say, the boys are still sleeping.

Recently noted: Starbuck's has a new flavour of frappuccino here in Tokyo: azuki. While I am fond of sweet red bean paste in Japanese desserts (it's extremely popular), I heard that this frapp is terribly over-sweet and just weird.

Plans in the making: Looks like we'll be heading to Bali for a week next month. We were supposed to have visitors so Alain booked holidays. When our house guests bailed, we originally thought of Thailand or Vietnam, but then we saw the climate map (serious rainy monsoony floody crap + extreme heat) and decided to postpone those destinations. Bali's rainy season is in the fall.

G-dog update: This damn inu is shedding like a fiend. Yesterday I brushed a whole puppy's worth of fluffy white undercoat off of her, though I had done the same two days ago. I guess mama nature's telling us that the temperature will start climbing past 30 C pretty soon.


Hi Carol,
I finally got some free time and entered your blog. The arrival of Spring and Summer time is the busiest for me, because of all the gardening and lawn maintenance. Then we have friends over, or we go to see them and that's it.
So, you go to Bali. Sigh. OK. You go and see everything, for me too. Well, all I can wish you is to have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselfs overthere. Perhaps next year you will be able to plan ahead the vacation to go to Thailand or Vietnam when it's convenient.
About your little girl, like our boys, this is the only inconvenient, they shed a lot when summer arrives, in fact they start in March and continue to do so until August, when they become bald on their tummies.
Well, to finish, give a kiss to both your babies from me.
OH MY GOD BALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow I am so happy for you. dude buy me something religious. anything small and religious. any. thing. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

love love love,
Me again,

Just saw the new pictures. Love them very much, but most of all the little G's ones. She is a jewel. AND FINALLY ONE WITH YOU, AND GRACE!!!! What can I ask more? :-)

That photo is wonderful.
Me again,

Awwwwwwwww, great movies, just saw them too.

Hey sis!
Love the "Bits & Blobs"! Bali! Oh, I'm SO jealous! Lucky you! Hope you both have a wonderful time and take lots of photos!
Sorry, I will try to get on my home computer this week and email you!
Love to you all,
I better be your best franco-curly-green-eyed-that-lives-in-Ahuntsic-with-her-calico-cat friend...

Man, Bali... life is good!

hey lady,

i heard pepsi just released a new "cool cucumber" pepsi in japan - have you tried it yet? i wanna hear how it tastes!

totally jealous!
Hi Carol,
Bali, beautiful - I hope you & Alain have a great time. Very cute pic of your new kitty cat napping on the chair! Rocky's not doing too good, he's had a 106 temp last 2 days and he's not getting better, we're taking him to Alf (our vet) again tomorrow as he doesn't even know what's wrong with him, keep your fingers crossed we are very concerned ....
Love, Edie
PS Pls say hi to Alain !
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