Monday, July 23, 2007

belly's better, butt is burned

We made it back to icky-humid rainy Tokyo without any major hitches. I had but a few cat naps on our 7-hour red eye last night. Note to self: never tell check-in agent "oh anywhere is fine" since being seated in the first row of the upper deck (read facing the toilets and cabin) is not ideal for a light sleeper such as moi.

So obviously I'm too wiped to post much now, though I have been able to function well enough to unpack, do laundry, play for hours with pupster and upload numerous photos (many more to come, I shot around 400...). I just wanted to say that we had a wonderful time despite both of us contracting Bali belly and therefore being limited to hotel-proximity on several occasions. This, as you will see, was pretty agreeable since all 3 of the places we stayed at were quite special.

We otherwise ran around Bali quite a bit—via one biking trip and several driven tours—and did some (unfortunately mediocre) snorkling in the last part of our trip, hence my cherry red posterior. I must here-on-in always remember to generously reapply sunblock after sitting on a damp towel or to simply cover my chalky bum with shorts.

I will try and travelogue it this week because there's much to tell. Must also get around to uploading the many videos I shot. Now it's off to my own mosquito-free bed and particularly my very-much-missed soba kawa (buckwheat grains) pillow.


yay you are back! you must've had a wonderful time (apart fromt he bali belly!)
Hola guapa,

Les photos sont pas mals mais je ne te vois sur aucune d'entre elles. SNIF, SNIF...

J'ai hâte de lire la suite des aventures indonésiennes,

Bizzzzz à vous deux,

Welcome back!

I can't wait for the stories and pics.

I just saw the pictures, wow, wonderful, beautiful. Thanks!
Can't wait for the stories and the rest of them. Do we have the chance to see you over there?
Hey! Glad to know you guys are o.k. Hope you had a great time! Anxious to see all your photos, but will have to wait until I come back from the cottage (leaving tomorrow).
Love to you both,
welcome back.. can't wait to hear your stories and hear about the places you visited. sorry i dind't get in touch with you before you left, i could have given you some recommendations..
i'm going to look at the photos now.
welcome back, lady - love the pictures, and can't wait to hear stories! :D
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