Friday, July 27, 2007

expanding set

Just a quick note to say I squeezed some more photos in the middle of the Bali set (I'm trying to keep them in date order). So look for them after (to the right of) this evening shot.


WOW... that's all I can say! oh ya... Funastic!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Love! :D
PS: Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!:D
OK. I just found out that's
Alain's birthday, because I know yours is in December, isn't it?
Tell him to have a wonderful birthday!

Hey Carol,
Me again, I just saw all the movies on youtube and all the pictures. Wonderful! Thanks again for sharing this with us!
looks fricking stunning. just 2 questions, why can't we see you in any pictures and who looked after the pup while you were gone?

love you, miss you
I thought Alain's B-day was in March.... E
your pictures are awesome.. there are movies also? i can't wait to hear where you've been so many of the pictures are familiar. did you get to Ubud? i stayed in the same hotel as you guys, the one near the beach that you have all kinds of pictures of.. way cool huh.. did you sleep outside?
talk soon
Hey folks. I'm a little behind with responding to questions, sorry!

My monkey-obsessed friend H just got confused! My b-day's in December (it's the big four-oh this year so send me b-day cards to cheer me up!) and Alain's is in March.

As for pictures of me, I will repeat for those who haven't heard it before: I am the photog, not the subject! I rarely let anyone touch my camera. Of course that didn't stop me from damaging
Baby myself (as evidenced by the fog in the middle of a lot of photos).

Kimmy: Of course we went to Ubud! It was our first (favourite?) stop. That's where I shot the legong dance photos and the shadow puppet video. But no we certainly didn't sleep outside in Pemuteran. The mosquitos were killer and the fishing village very close by happened to be one of few Muslim villages in Bali, including an amplified dawn adhan (call to prayer). Sorry, we wanted our beauty sleep!
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