Wednesday, August 15, 2007

cyber scribbles

G-dog's new fav snack: Well, two weeks ago I would've said the moulted sticky skin shed by the instar (nymphal) cicada as they were emerging in droves from the ground in the park next door. But now this I'm-the-grossest-little-thing-on-the-block inu has moved on to the huge (and crunchy) Japanese cicadas themselves as they drop from tree boughs at the end of their short lives. As I shriek at the sight of the wings hanging out of her mouth, she's off to find another before I can rein her in. Of course she's much cuter playing with her new toy, an unexpected gift from a sweet colleague.

Most interesting flick recently viewed: a documentary done by Sydney Pollack about his pal, architect Frank Gehry. I fell in awe of Gehry's work after visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain. Now that I've seen the film, I'd really love to see more of his mind boggling buildings. Pick it up if you see it at the video store, you won't be bored.

My new toy: A Lomography Fisheye camera that I settled for after having coveted the much more expensive Holga for awhile. This (modeled on a toy) camera, bought two days ago and still untried, will hopefully produce some fun and funky shots while Baby (my Canon G7) is in the shop. Baby got injured in Bali and now shows fog in the middle of most photos. I must hook up the scanner again though cuz Fishy is 35mm, not digital.

Tomorrow I will try my Fishy on: Hanabi (fireworks) to celebrate Obon. The embassy is holding a shindig on the fourth floor patio again this year. It was the first social event we attended after arriving here last summer.

Working days to go before I'm part-time again: twelve. But I may be trading in my expiring contract for 2-3 mornings a week volunteering at the United Nations University's Media Studio.

Weeks to go before Aran leaves me & G behind: about 10. In late October he's off to Spain to visit his padres. They finally called him on all the delayed promises.


holy moly! all alone in tokyo...

the volunteer gig sounds awesome!!

miss you
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