Thursday, August 16, 2007

rockin' morning

What a way to start the day: I just felt another quake at 8:20 after having been woken by one at 4:15 a.m. This latest was in fact the fourth or so to occur this morning but they've been centered in Chiba, a nearby prefecture, so Tokyo's not feeling them all. The one at 4:15 had a magnitude of 5.3 and this recent one 5. Looking at the meteorological agency's site, I see Chiba's been having smaller quakes for a few days. I'm going to get dressed now. I just wish I could bring Grace to work with me.


Oh my God, I just hope you are OK and Grace won't be too scared. How does she manage this? Does she become agitated?

Me again,

Have you heard about the big peruvian earthquake yesterday evening? Awful, I just saw imagines on the south american newspapers. Poor them.
Yes, thanks Carmen, we're fine. On Thursday Grace in fact did chew on a few coasters, etc. before Alain arrived home at lunch. Perhaps she was scared because another occured at 9:30 after we were gone to work.

But all this (there were a few more yesterday) is all really nothing in comparison to Peru.
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