Friday, September 28, 2007

she was a bloody beast

In hindsight, I wish I had a photo shot from the traumatizing view I had as I stared my defiant dog in the eye while blood dripped down her white neck and splattered the walkway. Many of you would likely laugh at a video (if I had shot one) of Alain yelling in exasperation as he tried to pry her jaw open and yank the pigeon out, with me standing in the background whimpering.

I'm afraid I was calm, repeatedly telling Alain to stop yelling, but otherwise useless as I finally admitted to myself that my pooch is no lapdog tou-tou, she's a wild beast. In the end it took the help of a neighbour to pull the by-now-bisected bird out of G's mouth (its organs plopped to the ground as she did) .

I'll tell you one thing, I will no longer let this well-fed inu run at flocks of pecking birds for fun, for I now know that G is faster than I thought she was or there exists slower feathered friends than I knew.


Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!
I really loved it! I still laugh.... For her it was the best prize. I remember Sam the last winter: a falcon or something from his family has killed a small bird and stopped in my backyard to eat it, and while he was unfeathering the bird I left the dogs out. You can imagine that my crazy Sammy took the bird as the most precious prize and growled at me. So I covered him in snow totally, in order for him to renounce at the prize.
For me is no wonder she reacted this way. Both of my dogs are hounds, so imagine that nothing comes in the backyard. :-) I still laugh imagining the view.

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay a new comment!!!
miss you sweetie!!

appart from the blood lust ;P, i think dogs sometimes do this to prove to their master what they can do, and that they can defend them from danger. for reals. ;)

now you know why there are mostly fast birds.....

Remember smurf (josie)? She started with a mouse, and moved up to ground hogs from there.....
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