Monday, September 10, 2007

they must be baking in those boots

I haven't made any snide comments about Tokyo fashion trends in awhile and I actually seem to remember having had a dislike of the style last year. But I just have to say that the boots with shorts/short skirts thing is back with a vengeance and seems even worse this time around because though, yes, it is September, it's still stinking hot in this fair city.

It pains me to imagine wearing boots when it's in the low- to mid-30 degree range and I myself can't walk for 4 blocks without becoming covered by a light sheen of perspiration. But apparently us Canadians have a higher core body temperature; the Japanese just don't seem to drip as much, no matter how ridiculous the humidity. In fact, I know several female Japanese colleagues who keep space heaters under their desks all summer, using them to counteract the office airconditioning, which is quite moderate.

Anyway, enough sweat talk. Two other recently skyrocketing fashion trends are those horrible rubber Croc sandals (sorry Croc-lovers, I just don't get it) and women wearing lingerie in public.

The latter consists mostly of lacy/silky, though in Japan never too low-cut, camisoles. I did also see one girl wearing an old-fashioned lacy slip as a dress. I don't think I've ever before posted about the odd dichotomy where very few Japanese women wear low-cut, shoulder- or midruff-baring tops whilst mini and micro mini skirts are everywhere and are often worn with knee or thigh-high black stockings in a nod to the tenacious and unsettlingly school-girl-look fad.

I'm off now, in my anti-fashion best (long skirt and flat shoes), to walk my unfashionably large and mutt-y inu.


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