Sunday, September 02, 2007

worth the rain risk

We're about to leave the house for a nice long Sunday walk to Yoyogi park (the famous one in Harajuku where the kooky kool kids hang out in their wild getups). We can now survive the 45-minute walk in each direction, because a few days ago the temperature finally dropped below 30°C after having pushed 40°C constantly since mid-July. In fact today there's apparently no humidex at all (that hasn't happened since June!), with a perfect 23°C.
Harajuku girl.

The trek is all for our fur brain's sake because we discovered there is an off-the-leash dog run in Yoyogi. See our poor pooch needs to socialize with other dogs and it's hard to get her to effectively do so on-leash at various parks closer to our house where dogs tend to congregate. That because either A) she gets too excited with certain furry friends that she leaps and runs around getting the leash tangled beyond belief so that it becomes a potential danger for all dogs and adults involved or B) she's too frightened to approach a group dogs.

The latter won't be a problem at the run I think because when we went by there last weekend (we didn't enter the run because the friend I was with has 2 small kids and her own dog so we had our hands too full to be able to supervise the dogs inside the run), G-dog didn't seem at all frightened at the sight of the group of dogs inside.

I'll bring the camera today and post pix and vid of her first taste of freedom. I'm also packing an umbrella because it looks like rain. But that ain't going to stop us.


Hi Carol,

God, you are courageous. Does she listen to you very well, or you will have to run a bit after her?

I am not that courageous to live my boys free, they are Beagles....., the nose is stronger than the brain. :-)

Anyway, I can't wait for pictures from her first freedom adventure.

YAY so much fun! love the video
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