Saturday, October 27, 2007

gettin' some galoshes

I cannot believe how much it's rained today. After soaking two pairs of running shoes and two pairs of jeans, I went out in flip flops the last time I had to walk poochie.

And though G and I agreed it would be brief, and while in fact it was very warm out today (over 20C), flipflops are not very practical footwear for city dog walking. And so I'm caving in and will purchase rubber rain boots. They're quite en vogue here actually so I'll look for some funky ones, of course. These ain't your toddler's galoshes, folks!

This topic is obviously unrelated to the picture I'm posting here, which is of me in my smudged disguise after last night's Halloween bash. I worked my furry tail off, aided by a small team of other volunteers as we prepped, served and restocked finger food to keep 250 people munching happily for four hours.

Today I'm exhausted and have vowed to never again volunteer for such physical labour. But boy, we did a damn good job!


In stark contrast, the sky today is as blue as can be, with a gorgeous 22C. And though I'm still a little tired, I'm taking inu out now for a long walk in the sunshine.
the weathe here yesterday was really nice,m but the wind was pretty strong and cold! my friend and i went to an antiques sale. :)
you look supah-tired in the second pic with your makeup!! :P
Miss you!!!
Wish I could've helped with your crazy party - did anyone take pics of that?
Great face sis! Glad the party was a success!
awww, i wish bartok and i could join you and grace-chan for a walk in tokyo! take pictures of all those fun boots for us!!!
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