Sunday, October 21, 2007

making busy

Aran's absence is going to take some adjusting to since we haven't been apart in a long while. I'm hoping that I can sleep tonight (unlike last), what with walking poochie on all shifts for a total of 2.5 hrs a day, and the shopping, cleaning, studying, photographing and cooking I busied myself with since his departure early yesterday morning.

But this week I won't have to make busy because I actually will be insanely so. I somehow got myself in charge of food for the embassy's Halloween party; not the kids' one I did last year but the adult one, which could see up to 200 people. Needless to say, I'm a little stressed about it.

If anyone has any great ideas for cheap and (very) easy finger food, please let me know. I just found a great one online tonight: mini skewered antipasto (tortellinis, olives, cherry tomatoes). What goes good with cocktail weenies? I don't like 'em so I've never noticed how to serve 'em!


i made these easy little apple-cheddar tartlets a few months ago that people really liked:
Oh yummy! Thanks JJ but I'm saving that recipe for a smaller affair chez nous. Too labour intensive/small scale for this big crowd.
200 people! What were you thinking?!! I love Bacon-Wrapped Dates, would that work?
Coctail weenies are good with sweet mustard or honey dijon mustard, IMO.
Did you get my email? Call me if you have a chance!
SO tired. I have made the following myself for the party: nutty choco mud bars, vegetable frittata (2 huge ones), and mini chicken souvlakis. I also prepped the ingreds for some skewered antipasto. But with 200+ tickets sold, thankfully a couple of days ago I got the ok to order some catering, otherwise it woulda been a sorry sight. Tomorrow will be a long day culminating in what will hopefully be a lot of fun. Happy Halloween!
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