Wednesday, November 14, 2007

caught a touch of affluenza

Here I am at our home desk, typing on my good 'ole 5 year old PC when I could be sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table upon which sits my new (used) and much beloved Powerbook G4, aka Beam. I'm still adjusting to the track pad and so decided that since I'm in a hurry, I'd best use the keyboard & mouse with which I am more adept.

Yes, I seem to have fallen into temptation and bought something I don't need but was just coveting. Apparently affluenza can strike even those with high resistance...

Living in the Decadence Capital was bound to affect us, I suppose. Those who know us well know that A and I have tended (despite or maybe because of our love of travel) to live rather simply and even thriftily. We don't own a car, preferring to commute by bicycle; we don't buy fancy clothing, preferring second-hand shops; we don't buy DVDs, renting instead; when we occasionally eat out it's usually at very down-to-earth joints; and we rarely go to bars or clubs.

But whenever we visited the home of the friend who sold me Beam, I so envied the awesome music he streamed to his stereo from the Internet via his Mac. We had also been jealous of the many people we know here who'd been downloading their favourite TV shows and good movies from back home via bit torrent. I mean who wants to watch Hart to Hart, Friends, or Field of Dreams type reruns all the time? It's 2007 after all!

And that's not to mention the whole main advantage of a laptop. Next time I post, perhaps it will be from a WiFi café or even our patio, the weather's been so sunny and gorgeous lately (yesterday it was 21C).

Down with consumerism, said the hypocrite.


Note to Steph: can you e-mail me? I only have your old work e-mail address!
ah, everyone catches a bit of that bug one day or another... resistance is futile and all that. ;P

Hi Carole! Do you remember the name of the point and shoot camera you suggested? I'm thinking of putting it in my xmas wish list. An Elph or something?

Ede, is that you? Spelling my name with an e? Oh là, là, as Alain would say! Yes, the Canon Digital Elph is a rockin' little camera! There're different models to choose from, depending on your budget/desires. One of the latest is the SD950 I think. It's got 12 megapixels, more than my G7! But for cheaper you'd be more than good with 7.1 or 8 megapixels on an SD750 or SD1000. The ones that have IS (image stablization) are a bit more expensive but it's worth it I think (cuts down on blur from movement). Check this out.
i agree with hélène-san - update o negai shimasu! *hee hee*
Sorry, so tired. Have meant to post so many times and just never get the chance. Tomorrow eve, I promise.
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