Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the grinch that censored Christmas

Things haven't being going super-well lately. One crappy thing after another seems to be happening.

Today I found out that Aran's Christmas presents that I ordered from Amazon Canada, that were supposed to arrive last Thursday, are stuck at customs because apparently one set of DVDs by an internationally acclaimed filmmaker has been identified as prohibited or obscene. This by a country where sex manga is read openly on the metro by an astoundingly high number of people and a top genre of film is very gory violent horror.

Originally we were told it was due to a book, only one of which was part of the order and I had ordered it for myself just because I saw it there on sale when I was shopping for A.

We of course were horrified to think that a novel while yes, on a "political" topic, would be banned. But I thought maybe it was just the good ole anti-terrorism frenzy rearing its paranoid head. (The book in question is called The Attack, about Palestinian-Israeli conflict, by the same author of The Swallows of Kabul, an excellent novel.)

I was anxious for them to just shred the damn book, or send it to my sister back home, and release the rest of the gift so that Christmas isn't totally postponed for my honey.

But then, a few calls later and it turns out to be Viva Pedro, a set of Almodovar classics, that they're nixing. They want to destroy it. $113 shredded and Ho Ho Ho, the whole mess that ensued also involved A seeing the whole Amazon bill so he knows about the other DVD set I ordered for him too, though at least he didn't recognize one last small item.

But of course they can't just do this right away (they've already been holding the pkg for 10 days) and send the rest asap. No, no, they first must send us a letter informing us about it, which we must sign and send back.

To top this day off, I also got some sort of stomach bug and barfed. Yes, I'm whining, but on day like today (in a week like this one), I feel I have the right. Or at least I don't give a crap if I don't.


oh my GOD that is horrible!!!!
stupid stupid stupid...
lately i find everyone's going a bit bonkers with shit liek that. A band i relaly love can't sell their cd in germany, it has been banned because they're a skull n the cover. they think the skull looks too much like a tottenkopf (a nazy symbol). i guess we're all nazi symbols? luls.
ps i got your AMAZING package last night!!! youa re the best and i will also send an email fo thankx.
it's weird that they have manga ans hyper violent cartoons and movies over there, but give them Laws of Desire and they freak out, right? ;)
H: How did you know that it was Law of Desire! That's what we strongly suspect and will soon find out. We got the letter, which said "1 piece" was "contrary to customs law, article this that whatever" and A had a colleague phone and customs confirmed that it's only 1 disc. So I signed the bloody thing and sent it back urgent mail cuz I want to get the rest by Tuesday, dammit! A is very excited about having the other 8 movies.
Long live 'torrents'. Just DL the movie and burn it to DVD yourself.

Have a Merry Merry and a Happy Happy
hey, i was just about to call you from work (it's really quiet here today) but realized it's 7am there.
i have tons of dvds at work that we get for free and just realized i could mail you a bunch. it's not brilliant stuff but at least it would give you stuff to watch (though i happen to love hart to hart). you interested? i don't think it's anything controversial...unless the sheer trashiness offends their delicate sensibilities :)
PS. Sorry to hear about the barf but as Devil Wears Prada would say, you're only one stomach flu away from your goal weight ;)
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