Saturday, January 12, 2008

dog dog mouse

I hate to brag, since you are likely far far away in a very snowy world, but today is the first rainy cool day we've yet seen this year. As evidenced by the daffodil I swiped last night in some bushes behind a building on G's walk route, the temps have been positively spring-like. I had been thinking October but then this week we hit 14 C a couple of times and I switched to May comparisons.

Can't say it's the globe but Tokyo's warming, that's for sure. I bumped into the big cheese in the elevator yesterday and he said that 30 years ago when he was first posted here, they used to get snow a few times each winter.

Anyhow, how dull am I? The weather, geez.... Which is why I haven't posted since xmas. Not much to tell yet, in this year of the mouse. I thought it was rat but someone told me the other day that it's rat in China and mouse here. Mice are cuter anyway.

The only thing going on really is us helping dogsit our friends' springer spaniel. Poor dude is seriously emotionally needy and can't be left alone without whining and barking his big head off. This since his doggie sister/pal died several months ago.

G-dog knows him because we frequently visit at their house and they at ours. They don't exactly get along but they've tolerated each other. However, don't know why G changed her mind last weekend when we brought him over sans his people, but she took to lunging at the big lug anytime we paid him any attention. They had numerous nasty-sounding fights but thankfully she's gotten over it because I'll have him every morning again next week (his real dog sitter, who's staying with him, works long hours Mon. to Fri.).

This weekend we're just laying low and chilling out, since we've had our share of running about for awhile and A's cousin left on Wednesday.

Yoi shumatsu o (wishing you a good weekend).


happy new year, kyaroru-san! :)

we've been having a pretty balmy winter here too, actually! we've had a *lot* of snow, but we've only had a few days i would describe as really, truly *cold*. i walk to/from work every day, and i haven't had to wear my long johns once! and the canal is completely melted through in some places!
what jace just said!
lest week's mild temp and rain made all the big snowbanks melt - and they were huuuge!
nothing much new here as well.
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