Tuesday, April 29, 2008

just two dozen peeks

In uploading a few still life shots to my album today I noticed that my flickr views are nearing a nice big round seven thou.

Not that I've shot much since Thailand. Tokyo is as photogenic as ever, especially with spring approaching summer, but I don't seem to carry my camera around with me as much as I should when walking the white one.

I don't like to try her patience too often after all and she pretty much has to sit while I shoot, else the blur makes it moot. So food and flowers is all I seem to get around to snapping. Sorry.

But bump me over anyway, would ya?


hey carol, i just realized that "the white one" totally reminds me of the main character dog-god in the game o-kami (see: http://www.capcom.com/okami/), which just came out on the wii (tom loves it). do you guys have a wii? i'd love to see what kind of nintendo hype there is in tokyo!
Cool! I'm living with Amaterasu! Now I know what it is she's always looking for in the long grass, the hedges, underneath cars: the 13 Brushes! Hee!

But, no, we're not wiiers so I can't tell you about the hype but I imagine it's some'fin, as hype of any type always is over here!
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