Monday, April 07, 2008

the thought, postponed

Having originally typed a different headline for this post, I've since decided I should wait until tomorrow afternoon (I'm back to part time as of today, yippeeee!) to post, since right now I'm practically zombified and because Aran just put down his headset at the PC across the room, signalling the end of his nightly on-line NBA watching.

We're going to watch a movie (The Darjeeling Limited), something we do a lot of since we got bit torrent and can download for free all the award winners and amazing independent films we could not hope to see for ages, if ever, here in Tokyo.

We're also hooked on a Showtime tv series called Brotherhood, about an Irish family in Rhode Island that has one brother in gov't, the other linked into the mob. I venture to say this show is better than the Sopranos was, so if you like that kinda thing, try and catch it. Don't waste any precious time on Californication though, we couldn't even make it through half an episode before we were clicking delete. Whoa, that ain't good. But I don't even know if you can get Showtime stuff back home (unless you use bt like us) so sorry for blathering on here.

What I really wanted to talk about was Thailand. We've been back for a month and it's still on my mind. Ja, mata ashita (until tomorrow then)!


oh man, showtime is awesome - our favourites are dexter and the tudors (mmm...jonathan rhys meyers)! also check out hbo's deadwood if you fancy gritty westerns! we also like...ummm...battlestar galactica (okay, we're huge nerds - so sue us!) :)

oooh, did you like the darjeeling limited? it's one of my favourites - wes anderson is such a wonderful director!!!

thank you so much for the beautiful hanami photos - i wish i could've been there to see them! maybe next year, now that my job's permanent and i'm finally accumulating vacation time(wee)!
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